The Adventures of Bipolar Girl

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Waiting on God?

I’ve heard it said that sometimes

it’s not so much that we are waiting on God

as it is God waiting on us.

Yesterday’s meeting did not happen.

It had to be rescheduled for today.

It wasn’t until just now that I had even an inkling

of why he would have postponed it…

and now that I see it,

it makes perfect sense.

He’d moved on

but I was still clinging on to something

that he wanted me to let go of.

He also had something else he wanted to give me

that I wouldn’t have been able to receive…

had we rushed in before his time.

Waiting on him?

Him waiting on me?




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2 thoughts on “Waiting on God?

  1. That is so interesting….wondering why but trusting….Diane


  2. The meeting has gotten postponed AGAIN til Tuesday. Oddly enough, I’m ok with this. In the larger scope of things, I’d rather wait with God than without him.


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