The Adventures of Bipolar Girl

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An Anniversary of Sorts

Two years ago today

I had my hysterectomy.

The pain and fear that led up to it

isn’t anything I ever want to repeat.

They removed my uterus

and a fibroid the size of  a football.

LONG story.

Two years in the making.

Since I’m still having health problems related to it,

One would think that I’d have regrets

or that I’m angry.

Two surgeries later

with few  positive results

I have no regrets.


I haven’t had any significant depression

or any suicidal episodes

since my hysterectomy.

My entire adult life was plagued by mental illness

and somehow the surgery set me free

I give ALL glory and honor

for that to


Lately, I’ve been displaying some signs

of possible mania

so we’ve upped my meds…

but I’ll take mania over depression

any day.

God changed my life for the better

two years ago today

And he’s going to keep changing it.

I probably would’ve let today pass

without a word…

but I got an email from

the site God led me to

that helped me get through the whole ordeal., reminded

me of the anniversary

and asked if I had some warm fuzzy

story to share.

I would LOVE it if I had such a story to share

of total healing and restoration...

But my physical pain is still rather  chronic

And limiting.

Sure, some days I’m whiny and mad about it,

but it is what is.

That email, however, reminded me

of just how far God has brought me

so I’m taking some time to write this down,

Because, who knows...

maybe this time next year…

I might have even more to rejoice about….




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2 thoughts on “An Anniversary of Sorts

  1. Much to be thankful for and still much to be settled….but God is more than able…Diane


  2. So true. There’s this old song I love that says that God is “more than able to accomplish what concerns me today.” I think that holds true for my today, tomorrow, and forever.


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