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Grin and Bear It

There are spiritual lessons to be learned all around us. I’ve always believed that. Jesus’ parables were about every day things that people could relate to. He didn’t run around using the $50 words that some folks seem to be so fond of and he still managed to get his point across. So when I want to see what Jesus is doing in my world… I look to the things he allows into my life as one source of understanding what he’s doing in my life, and then, when I get the point of the lesson, I blog about it, hence my many spiritual lessons gleaned from every day stuff like killing cane spiders; facing unruly students; or confronting outrageous colleagues. I’ve even been known to learn a thing or two from the dentist’s chair.

Unfortunately, school’s back in session.

As if the initial root canal wasn’t bad enough (remember the blog?) I had all the follow up appointments to deal with the lingering pain? (remember the blog)

I only stopped going back to try to resolve the problem because my dentist went MIA. He just disappeared without a trace (remember the post?)

And by the time I located him (on the mainland and not dead in a cane field)… it was time to have my second surgery. Then I was recuperating from said surgery. Then I was having my third surgery…. (remember all the blogs?)…

So now I find myself going to an oral surgeon tomorrow after having visited an endo-somebody. Given my bad experiences with local anesthesia I’m afraid. Honestly? I’m almost ready to have all my teeth pulled and gum my food for the rest of my life…(“The Adventures of Gumby??“) Nah! May teeth my be a pain in the butt… but they’re going to stay in my mouth.

I know I should look at this as another opportunity to learn something from Jesus. I know I learned LOTS when I had my first wisdom tooth removed and even more when I had the second. God has had a way of meeting when where I was even if I was on my back in a chair with my mouth wide open and drool on my chin.

Unfortunately… I’m tired. I don’t want to have anymore surgeries and my attitude about tomorrow’s consultation is not good. I’m hoping that I am not in the 2% of the people who actually need to have this surgery done. I’m hoping and praying that they can find a non-surgical way to treat this. If not… I’m looking at stitches in my mouth for a week and a surgery that may not work.

I’m whining. I know.
I’m sorry… but I needed to vent.

I’m also wondering when school is going to be over and the dental chair can be decommissioned. What is God saying in all of this? I think he’s saying “Wait for it.” I’ll have to look up that scripture.

Ok, I may not be doing much grinning right now… but I do know that Jesus IS with me. I WILL make it to the other side…for all the things that are going wrong in my life right now… there are many things that are going well. And it’s not like I’m having the surgery tomorrow anyway. It’s just a consultation….

so maybe I WILL grin and bear it until my grin actually means something.



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6 thoughts on “Grin and Bear It

  1. So by now you’ve had your consultation…I’m behind in reading because of an unfortunate incident with another blogger who is being very aggressive and even more…I hope that you are not going to need the surgery. And the other things you are dealing with…I know you are trusting God to get through them…and I know I am too…Diane


  2. Hey Diane,

    What IS it with “aggressive bloggers?” I’ve had to deal with my share of those over they years. Very unpleasant and SO unnecessary. I’ll be praying for you. I am going to go ahead with the surgery in two weeks… and I’m oddly at peace with it. Thanks for knowing that I actually am trusting God even when I give vent to whining. šŸ™‚ My prayers are with you and the aggressive blogger.


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  4. Thanks …After the ‘incident’ God was so good and gave me first the scripture that I posted Corinthians 12 1-13 and then last night when I was reading the devotional I get every day online he gave me even a more specific scripture to say….that I should go on blogging the way that I have been doing and not change….Diane


  5. Good for you!


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