The Adventures of Bipolar Girl

Comfort for the Neurotic in All of Us

Good Emotional Place

Right now I am in a good emotional place.
The last few months
have been an emotional
roller coaster
and I
roller coasters.

Why am I in this good emotional place?
How did I get there??

Rather than write some long essay… I just want to thank God. Yes, lots of rain falls into my life, but when the Son shines the dark things… the difficult to bear things… the monsters under the bed… the ones that go “bump” in the night… all the things that creep and crawl into my bubble… and the things that mash all my buttons… don’t seem to matter so much.

Top 10 Reasons for this GEP:  (in no particular order)

  1. God had my back today. I thought today was going to be really stressful and he went before me and cleared the way! In fact, he has cleared much of the drama from my entire week! PRAISE GOD!
  2. I got the results of my lithium blood check. PRAISE GOD! While I am still not as stable as I would like to be… my levels are now within the realm of therapeutic. I haven’t had a manic episode in over a decade. This was not fun. That the increase in meds has also seen some stabilization of my mood is great. Just a little more adjusting of my dosage and I should be fine. I thought 2012 would be the year that I could get off meds altogether. This is a hard one for me to accept… but I accept it. I also praise God that I was manic rather than depressed and suicidal.
  3. My oral surgery is scheduled, covered largely by my insurance, and I am not afraid. After a year of dental pain I am hopeful that this will fix it. PRAISE GOD!!!
  4. I am thankful that I can do a bunch of things I couldn’t do eight months ago – walk, drive, sleep on my back, bend over, pick up my water pitcher, go grocery shopping unassisted… PRAISE GOD!!!!!
  5. This weekend I cooked dinner at a friends house — Rack of Pork. Food and friends… how much better does it get? PRAISE GOD!!!
  6. No more drama at work. PRAISE GOD!
  7. My Monday night bible study is small… and I feel emotionally safe there. PRAISE GOD!
  8. My boss trusts and respects me. I had my evaluation today and she affirmed me and what I mean to the company. For the past 2 months my mental health has been affecting how I do my job. I was beginning to feel really awful about my performance. For so long I have been the weakest link at every job I’ve ever held. This time… even though I was in crisis… I did my job like the professional I am. Maybe not as well as I would have liked, but I didn’t crumble and become all depressed and suicidal. PRAISE GOD!
  9. My home is peaceful. Psycho Tenant move out (PRAISE GOD) and Jet Ski Guy is going to move out too (PRAISE GOD!)
  10. Jesus loves me.



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6 thoughts on “Good Emotional Place

  1. I must add…… Praise God!!!!!!


  2. God is merciful. Good to have you back. PS. I hate drama too. Sadly I create a lot of it.


  3. I’ll see your “Praise God” and raise you an “Amen!”


  4. Oz, if I created my drama I think I’d feel better about it. It drives me crazy that I purposely don’t go out looking for drama and people bring it to me.


  5. All I can do is concur with you and “Praise God” along with you…for all that you have come through…Diane


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